Coverty City College Moon Rover 

Coventry city college final major project 

This project was my Final major project at Coventry city college. Meaning that the only limitations that we had to work with were that it had to be a vehicle and it could only be built with the tools and materials we had access too.


For my final major project, I was inspired by the films moon and the martian, specifically the Luna and Marshan rovers seen in both films.

Taking those design as inspiration, I designed my version of a moon rover with the scale model being made from cardboard.

With the final design being made from sheets of MDF wood cut out on using a laser cutter glued together and painted.

The details were made from laser-cut acrylic plastic or scraps peace of materials and vinyl with the caterpillar tracks made from old Bike tiers.            


While at this point I was limited to the tools and material I could use I am still very proud with the finale model.          

Scale Model

Assembling the laser cut cabin 

Assembling the main body & adding details 

Details added on all sides all designed to have a purpose   

Finished Model