Beauty and the Beast Rose Plinth

Polly Carve and Jesmonite

This build was part of a commission from the local Worthing theatre for there production of Beauty and the Beast 


For this part of the commission, they wanted Large stone plinth that would display the magical rose that would wilt as the play went on.

I  along other students also assigned to this commission project was involved in the construction of the rose plinth.

The plinth was made from Large styrofoam blocks that were shaped and sanded into rough shapes which were then scrimped and coated in jesmonite.

Once covered it was sanded and given a flat coat of base grey with the top and bottom of the given a flentex coat and painted to look like rough stone, with the centre of the plinth given a dark marble texture.

I also Constructed the display cage on top of the plinth. This cage was made from black and clear styrene plastic painted to resemble dark metal.

This was the first time I have had a major impact on a project as part of group work and while I did not work alone I was part of the Majority of the construction, despite this I consider this to be a team effort.  


Building the Plinth and Display Cage

Finished Plinth