World War One British Grenades

Casting in Gunfoam

This project was part of the commission work for Shoreham Fort.

For this part of the commission, our clients wanted a six World War one British pineapple grenades that would be safe to be handled by children and safe to throw he also, wanted them to be as historically accurate as possible.

I was, and a fellow student who was also working on this commission was given the task to cast the six grenades.

The grenades were made from polyuria rubber skin with the internals filled with gunfoam.

working as a team of two we were able to produce up to three grenades a day giving the drying and curing times of the materials where working.    

Overall while I was manly only involved with the moulding and casting I was happy of my ability to work in a two-person.            

Casting Materials 

Casting with Rubber and Gunfoam

Completed Castings