World War one trench periscopes

Trench periscopes commissions

In this project, our course was commissioned by Shoreham fort a Napoleonic that wanted a collection of world war one replica relics that would be safe if handled by children one of these relics was a pair of world war one trench periscopes. 

For this project, I was given the task to best replicate the paint effect for the periscopes to do this, I consulted with our client who wanted the periscopes to have a used weather effect.

To do this, I used references to photos of surviving periscopes. 

After collecting a number of references images, I began to do some tests starting with different wood varnished but setting on using slightly watered down acrylic paints which I applied sporadically utilising a variety of sponges. 

Overall while I was not involved in the construction of the periscopes, I am pleased that I was justed with this part of the build and I am pleased with the final results.   

Trench Periscope paint effects tests

Finished trench periscope paint effects